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Sunday, March 26, 3:00 p.m. Hosts:  Robbie & Anna Weber

Liebe Freunde, Round up the family again - it's time for our Spring Scavenger Hunt.  This year,  Robbie Weber is not only making Palatschinken for all of us, he and Anna will host the event.  Their home is adjacent to a nature preserve, so there should be many nooks and crannies for our young Austrians to discover!

But first, about our Faschingfeier mit Gulasch, at the Katzers.  Our second Gulasch contest was even better than the first.  There was a very lively competition, so it's a good thing that we had two awards this year.   By popular vote, the Gulasch Hofrat Löffel went to host Wolfgang Katzer for his Wiener Gulasch. Heinz Prast selected Thomas Hiesberger's signature Gulasch for the Chef's Award.  I, naturally, knowing where my bed is feathered, nominate my sweet wife for Knockerln Chef!  Thanks again to all the members for their great culinary contributions.

A special hurrah to all of you who joined in the spirit of Faschings by coming in costume. Yours truly (proudly) won first prize for my constantly-improving-pirate costume.  All the costumes were fun and creative, and an inspiration for us all to get even more inventive next year. 

As always, the Katzers went over the top, decorating their home and being the great hosts that they always are. 

An important detail, we had our Annual Membership Meeting during the party,  and  board member Robbie Weber was elected Treasurer.  All other board members and officers remain the same.

During the meeting, we heard from Yasmine that our financial situation is good. However, to keep it that way, be sure to pay your annual membership dues!  Since Robbie is the Treasurer, you can even bring him your check.

Back to our next get-together, the Spring Scavenger Hunt mit Palatschinken.  The club will provide ham and all the drinks, and as usual, your Austrian culinary efforts for the rest of the food will be much appreciated.  Remember, Robbie is already making Palatschinken for everyone, so let's match his efforts with our own.

Be sure to coordinate with Heidi as soon as possible about what to bring. Please remember that we also need help with setup and cleanup, so let her know if you are available.  We will need some members to bring tables and chairs as well, so let Heidi know what you have available.

Parents, be sure to let us know how many kids are coming, so we have enough booty for the hunt. 

This is our first time at the Weber's, so hope to see all of you there!

Auf Wiedersehen, Euer Emmerich

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