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SPRING SCAVENGER HUNT (mit Palatschinken)


Sunday, May 4, 2014, 3:00 p.m. Host:  Kathy Knappitsch 290 Hampton Ct. Fairview, Texas 75069 (north of Plano, between Allen and McKinney) 972-841-8183

Grüß Euch Alle,

Weather forecasts predict severe weather (thunder storms, tornadoes, and hail) throughout North Texas on Sunday during the time originally scheduled for our Spring Scavenger Hunt.  The decision was made to reschedule for exactly one week later, same place, same time.

Being a natural optimist, I expect all of you to still attend, but if for some reason you can't, please call Heidi and let her know.  We won't ask Heidi to make calls again, so please be sure to call her if you will not attend!

On a sad note, Elizabeth Steinberger's father died recently.  The club purchased a small rose bush that can be planted in their home garden as a memorial.  Our deepest sympathy goes out to the Steinberger family.

Looking forward to seeing you all one week from now, and may the weather gods smile upon us. 



Sunday, March 27, 2014, 3:00 p.m. Host:  Kathy Knappitsch

Liebe Freunde, Round up the family again - it's time for our Spring Scavenger Hunt, and this year we have something very special!  Robbie Weber has volunteered to make Palatschinken for all of us.  What a treat! 

But first, about our Faschingfeier (mit Gulasch) at the Katzers.  I think everyone can agree that the Gulasch contest was a roaring success, and frankly all the different versions deserved special notice.  Kudos to our fearless leader, Yasmine, for her first prize, and special thanks to Heinz Prast for lending his professional talent in the judging. 

A special hurrah to all of you who joined in the spirit of Faschings by coming in costume. I must make special mention of Graciela for her wonderful Frieda Kahlo costume. Also, congratulations  to Thomas for winning the adult costume contest - he is always a great chef!  All the costumes were fun and creative, and an inspiration for us all to get even more inventive next year. 

As always, the Katzers went over the top, decorating their home and being the great hosts that they always are. 

An important detail, we had our Annual Membership Meeting during the party,  and  member Nora Collins was elected Historian.  You've already seen her at work, snapping pictures for us to use on Facebook and on our website.

During the meeting, we heard from Yasmine that our financial situation is OK, but we must be more diligent with our expenses so we can keep the member fees at there current levels.  A copy of the minutes for this meeting will be distributed a little later.

Back to our next get-together, the Spring Scavenger Hunt (mit Palatschinken).  This event will be a return visit to the home of Franz and Kathy Knappitsch.  They have a wonderful outdoor setting that with lots of nooks and crannies for hiding things, and we look forward to another great scavenger hunt. 

Special note:  we will have access to the house and limited access to the restrooms, and the club will rent a port-a-potty to ease the stress on their septic system.  We expect all the men and children, and as many women as possible to use the port-a-potty. Thanks in advance!

The club will provide ham and all the drinks, and as usual, your Austrian culinary efforts for the rest of the food will be much appreciated.  Remember, Robbie is already making Palatschinken for everyone, so let's match his efforts with our own

Be sure to coordinate with Heidi as soon as possible about what to bring. Please remember that we also need help with setup and cleanup, so let her know if you are available.

Auf baldiges Wiedersehen, Euer Emmerich

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