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Gulasch Prep Party St. Nikolaus & Krampus


Friday, December 6, 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.

Gulasch Prep Party

Host: Marianne Hasenhüttl & Simeon Ntafos

Saturday, December 7, 5:00 p.m.

St. Nikolaus & Krampus

Hosts: Marianne Hasenhüttl & Simeon Ntafos

Liebe Freunde,

Seems like Old Man Winter is knocking on our door, reminding us that

the much-anticipated holiday season is about start! One of our most

authentically Austrian events, the visit from Nikolaus & Krampus, marks

the start of the season. Once again, Marianne, Simeon and family will

share their home and their warm hospitality. Friday morning, some of

our wonderful cooks will gather in Marianne's kitchen to prepare

Gulasch, Semmelknödel and Spätzle. Your participation and your recipes

are both welcome and necessary!

Now for the featured event! Please, parents, on Saturday, bring

Nikolaus a note sharing both your children's successes and

challenges. Also, as always, your contribution of Austrian culinary

delights will help make the event a success. Last year, we tried

something new: appetizers, then the visit of St. Nikolaus, with the meal

afterwards. It worked well, so we'll do that again. This means we'll

need several appetizers to tide us over, along with side dishes that

compliment Gulasch, and of course, some fabulous desserts. Glühwein,

sodas, etc. will be provided by the club.

A special note: St. Nikolaus needs a new assistant (thank-you Petra for

your great help in the past) to put together the bags of treats for the

kids. Please contact Yasmine if you can help out.

To RSVP for BOTH the Gulasch Prep Party AND for Nikolaus & Krampus,

please call Heidi. Be sure to let her know how many kids will attend on

Saturday, so Nikolaus will have something for them. Also, let Heidi

know what dish you plan to bring.

Not to forget - those of us who gathered at Fritzl's in Rockwall to

celebrate Austrian Independence Day back in October had a wonderful

time! The atmosphere, food and service, as all would agree, were

outstanding. The owner, Klaus was truly delightful, and we felt

completely at home. What a find - we are truly looking forward to

doing this again.



P.S. Remember: 2 weeks later, on Sunday, December 22 is the annual

Austrian Club DFW Christmas Party at our house!

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