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February 13, 5:30 p.m. at the home of the Katzers

The Board of Directors just approved updates to the by-laws that line-up with how we now operate. Things have changed a little since 1985, and the changes reflect the needs of 2016 and beyond. Here is a link, so you can read them carefully. If you have any questions, be sure to contact me and I'll be happy to discuss them with you.

We will take a vote to ratify the amended by-laws at the General Membership Meeting, so it is very important that you read them in advance, since we don't plan to review them in detail at that time.  We hope to keep the General Membership Meeting very short, so we have lots of time to enjoy each other...and the Gulasch!

The Board set the Events Calendar for 2016 -  click here for a copy.  Stick it on your fridge door so you know what's happening. As usual, you can also find this info on the website.

Lin and I just paid our annual dues - don't forget to pay yours! Here's the link.  You can also bring a check to the Faschingfeier.

Now on to our first event for 2016 - the Faschingsfeier mit Gulasch.  Another opportunity to win the treasured Gulasch Hofrat Löffel awaits you on February 13th!  Last year, the competition was fierce and delicious, and naturally, we expect a repeat this year.

The Gulasch Hofrat Löffel is awarded for exemplary culinary support of the emotional state of expatriate Austrians. Could you be the next Gulasch Hofrat and the proud winner of the Gulasch Hofrat Löffel?  Pull out your Gulasch recipe and get ready!

Notify Heidi if you want to participate in the contest. Specify whether you will bring the Gulasch in a crockpot, or need space on the stove.Use 2.5 lbs of meat in your dish.Only 8 spots available, so dust off your favorite recipe and enter now! Remember that this is above all a Faschingsfeier, and we expect you to show up in your most creative costume, child or adult! As usual, there will be prizes for the most fun and original costumes.

For this event, the club will provide drinks, as always.  Members not participating in the Gulasch Hofrat cook-off will supply authentic Austrian appetizers, side dishes, salads, bread and desserts.

Be sure to confirm that you will attend, and let us know what you plan to bring. 

Auf Wiedersehen, Emmerich

P.S. Please note that we made a special effort to put most events on Sunday afternoons, so that our young families can attend with fewer conflicts.

(ORIGINAL NOTICE) Saturday February 13, 2016, 5:00 p.m.

at the home of the Katzers

Liebe Freunde,

I truly believe that our Christmas gathering was one of the sweetest and most endearing festivities we've ever hosted.  It was perfection in every sense.  The turnout was wonderful, the program delightful and the food was stupendous!

After the event everyone pitched in to help cleanup and put everything back in order.  It left Lin and me time to relax and contemplate how happy we are to have you in our hearts. 

Special recognition and thanks to our chef,  Heinz Prast and his wonderful Wild Ragout.  I'd like to also mention that Karl Kuby of Kuby's at Snider Plaza donated the venison.  Be sure to say thanks by popping in for a meal or to purchase authentic German foods at this splendid landmark spot.

The meal wouldn't have been complete without all of the wonderful dishes everyone created.  Special thanks to Thomas who worked all day to provide us with Nockerln.  It was the perfect complement to the ragout. We had Apfelstrudl galore, and it was outstanding!  Thanks to all of you who put your time and care into crafting each dish.  What a celebration!

Sunday, January 31, we will have the annual board meeting to plan our events and set the dates, along with any other club business. If you have concerns, requests or ideas for the coming year, please let Yasmine  know ASAP, so she can include it in the meeting agenda.

We do have a date for our first event of the year, the Faschingsfeier (mit Gulasch) & Annual Membership Meeting:  Saturday February 13, 5:00 p.m., at the Katzers'.  Be sure to save the date, and get your costumes and that favorite Gulasch recipe ready!  We hope to award the Gulasch Spoon to a new Gulasch Hofrat! We'll send the contest details later.

A loving reminder from our dear treasurer, Robby Weber: annual memberships are now due, and they still the same great, low price!  Individuals - $30 Couples - $40 Families - $50

Remember, if you bring a guest we ask that you chip in $10 per person to cover the extra expense. 

There are paypal links for membership and guest fees on the website, you can bring your dues to the February meeting, or send a check in advance to Robby.  Make all checks payable to Austrian Club DFW.

If you forgot to pay dues last year, we'll give you a gentle reminder before the February meeting.



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