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Sunday, August 6, 2017, 3:00 P.M.

Liebe Freunde,

I wanted to mentioned a couple of things: First, what a wonderful Schnitzelfest we

had at the Prast home! Thank you to Beverly and Heinz to take on this event and

host it at your beautiful home! And thank you to their family members and our

sous chefs to assist! Tremendous help! Second, thank you to Thomas & Co for

hosting our Summer kick off pool party and preparing Schweinsbraten,

Eräpfelsalat, warmen Krautsalat, etc. Everything was amazing! We are truly

blessed to have such culinary talent in our group! Thank you!

Summer break is almost over and this brings me to our upcoming event next week,

Sunday 8.6.17 at 3:00 P.M. where Leo will once again prepare lots of Würstl for

us. Let’s just hope it is not as hot as it has been!

As always, the club will provide libations, and you will provide tasty side dishes or

desserts. Please RSVP using Sign-Up Genius.

Also, please remember to pay your membership dues if you haven’t had a chance

to so yet. Paypal links are up and running smoothly. In addition, if if you take

pictures during one of our events, please feel free to send photos to

Don’t forget your swim suits! Servus und bis bald,


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