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Kick-Off Summer Pool Party & Schnitzelfest!

Saturday, June 7, 2014, 4:00 p.m. with Schniztelmeister Heinz Prast & (very able) Assistant Robby Weber at the home of Rick & Lin Grunbaum

Liebe Freunde,

First, many, many thanks to Kathy for hosting another successful spring party at her picturesque place.  Lin, my lovely wife, created challenges for the scavenger hunt, Yasmine organized games and to top it all off, Robby Weber flipped some wonderful Palatschinken.  Credit to Heinz for the delicious batter, and Yasmine for the fillings.  My mother could not have done any better. It prompted tears of joy and brought back fond memories of Vienna.

Thanks also to all of you who provided appetizers, side dishes and desserts.  Delicious, delicious!  Kathy, special thanks for preparing the incredible Roten Rüben Salat and the delicious ham.

Once again, summer gets a happy start at our pool, but this year, we'll have an early repeat of last year's glorious Wiener Schnitzel extravaganza.  Our incredible team, Chef Heinz Prast and Assistant Robby Weber, will send us all on our summer adventures with happy smiles on our faces.

The pool will be heated, and the Jacuzzi bubbling.  May the weather gods shine on us!  As always, the club will provide drinks, and all of you will provide sumptuous appetizers, side dishes, bread and desserts.

Please, call Heidi to RSVP and let her know what you will bring.  It is important to let Heidi know by Tuesday, June 3.  Be sure to tell her how many family members and guests you will bring.  This is REALLY important, because we don't want to run out of Schnitzel!

If you bring guests, we ask that either you or they make a contribution of $10 per guest to cover club expenses. 

Auf baldiges Wiedersehen,


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